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In decades past, “measure twice and cut once” was how fabricators limited risk. Creating the sophisticated buildings of today and tomorrow requires the ability to not only measure before cutting but to model the exact fit of each structural steel member of the entire project. Our in-house steel detailing allows us to completely model a project in 3D to check for any issues that could impact quality, schedule or cost before fabrication begins. We can also provide our model to general contractors for coordinating our steel package with other trades to avoid clashes and potential change orders once all trades are working onsite.

Our detailing process is based on delivering the highest level of collaboration and transparency across the project team. When contractors, engineers, architects, and our workshop fabrication team can visualize the design from beginning to end, it reduces both uncertainty and costly surprises. Our detailers use 3D modelling on each project, check for clashes, and understand the impact of changes to the design. We use state-of-the-art software technology in house for reviewing the 3D model, erection drawings and shop drawings. With this software, we are easily able to share with customers a detailed 3-dimensional simulation of the building, down to individual bolt holes. This level of intricacy allows us to not only virtually measure the project’s components, but also check for fit multiple times before the first steel member is cut.
Our software can produce DXF/NC/DSTV file to work with other software for processing and optimising steel lengths to minimise waste. Also, the ability to convert files for our robotic plasma coping machine.

With our software system and skill set allows us to evaluate conceptual scheme to pre-empt construction designs.

Estimating/Design Assist:

Being able to capture and clearly define scope is a skill set which places Modern Construction at the forefront of its competition. Modern Construction’s experienced estimators prepare estimates ranging from conceptual schematic in early stages to theoretical in final stages using proven methods for evaluation.

Modern Construction take responsibility to help our customer develop new projects seriously. Our estimators are capable and experienced to help walk-in clients with ideas, translate into a conceptual design engaging experienced and qualified professionals or firms to finalised design. From bid to completion, we go the extra mile to earn your confidence and exceed your expectations.


To ensure your project is of the highest quality, we start with a collaborative approach. From the beginning of each project, we work alongside our customers to understand their specifications, design intent, end user requirements, and any other factors requiring special attention.

We combine experienced personnel with 3D model drafting software to produce an accurate steel frame model, erection drawings, and shop drawings. We use the latest Robotic Plasma Coping Machine with other essential fabrication machinery and highly skilled fitters/welders/fabricators to ensure the steel is fabricated exactly as required. We have a wide array of material handling equipment to handle any size, shape, and weight. All our tools ensure each member is produced quickly, safely and defect-free. We carefully test and inspect each component produced to ensure it meets or exceeds specifications when it arrives at the job site.

Modern Construction have two qualified welding supervisors recognised by HERA, which oversee our team of ticketed/ qualified welders and fabricators.


Modern Construction takes advantages of its own steel erection crews to insure quality and timely work throughout. Each of our crews consists of certified welders, riggers, crane drivers, and experienced supervision and safety personnel. Your structural system will be of the highest standards.

Our erection crews work in combination with our fabrication shop for coordination of delivery schedules and resolution of any unforeseen field conditions.

Delivery, materials staging, and equipment selections are all planned in advance for high efficiency. This allows for faster completion of an accurate job.

We maintain strict safety standards always.

Material Quality Assurance

Reduced material costs with optimized nesting, efficient material planning, and remnant tracking. Automated and integrated purchasing and stock control saves time and effort. We work to SFC Quality Assurance Scheme and client requirements with automated material traceability by purchase order, heat cert numbers, and full traceability/ certification for welding consumables, bolts and painting.

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