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To ensure your project is of the highest quality, we start with a collaborative approach. From the beginning of each project, we work alongside our customers to understand their specifications, design intent, end user requirements, and any other factors requiring special attention.

We combine experienced personnel with 3D model drafting software to produce an accurate steel frame model, erection drawings, and shop drawings. We use the latest Robotic Plasma Coping Machine with other essential fabrication machinery and highly skilled fitters/welders/fabricators to ensure the steel is fabricated exactly as required. We have a wide array of material handling equipment to handle any size, shape, and weight. All our tools ensure each member is produced quickly, safely and defect-free. We carefully test and inspect each component produced to ensure it meets or exceeds specifications when it arrives at the job site.

Modern Construction have two qualified welding supervisors recognised by HERA, which oversee our team of ticketed/ qualified welders and fabricators.

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